The Rod of Ruin

Book 2: Chapter Two

The Chamber of Eyes

The adventure began at the entrance to the ‘Chamber of Eyes’, a long-since abandoned shrine from the age when Minotaurs ruled the city, which had more recently been occupied as the home base of the Bloodreavers, a clan of various subhumans (goblins, kobolds, etc) united under a brutal leader named Krand. The Bloodreavers are, or were, a political faction in the city and beyond, the party had encountered word of them as far as Winterhaven, where they’d seen notes indicating that some of the citizens of Winterhaven who had been captured by Kalarel (those he didn’t turn into zombies, at least) had been sold to the Bloodreaver clan and bought to the city.


After fighting their way through the guard room, they found a secret, rear exit to the Shrine of Torog, where they fought Krand, some direwolves, and a hobgoblin warcaster, who, seeing his master Krand killed before him, warned the heroes that he could reanimate a frozen beholder that was the focus of the shrine. This warning was not heeded and the battle fell apart as the beholder laid waste to all it could gaze upon. Before retreating (leaving the now-freed beholder to wander the labyrinth unchecked), the party detected some evidence of two Duergar (dark dwarves) who had been in an adjacent room before also retreating ahead of them. Based on what they heard, and on an indicative note [see below] they found in Krand’s chamber, it seems that the Winterhaven slaves, among others, have been sold to a Duergar named Murkelmoor Grimmerzhul (leader, as the name might indicate, of the Grimmerzhul house, another faction in the city who trade in rare metals and forged items).


Amon knows that the Duergar base themselves at a fortress, known as the ‘Horned Hold’, deep within the labyrinth, after following a suspicious dark dwarf back in Chapter One (where he failed, having little to offer, to make an alliance with the dwarves at the gate). However he did not share this information with the party, so on the advice of their halfling friend Rendil, they have gone to the trading post in the city run by the Grimmerzhul clan, seeking answers to the question of the fate of the Winterhaven slaves.

The other question vexing the party is where to find Samazar, one of the mages of Saruun who Valthrun tasked you with contacting to discover the fate not only of Valthrun, but indeed of the eponymous Rod of Ruin. What secrets does the tower of Saruun hold? What is Brugg hiding? Who’s in charge and why does the once-stable citry seem ever more over-run with chaos?



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