Warforged Swordmage


Created several towards the end of the “Last War” by House Cannith, this Warforged was used as a test subject to see how far the newly created machines could be pushed and originally given the label “Subject 8”. Taught to fight etc but light on the moral lessons he was cast aside at the end of the war.

Whilst most Warforged tend to gravitate to either physical labor or soldiering, Subject 8 met with a group of treasure hunters whose leader (Nellac Rusius) was of the strong and vocal opinion that labor for its own sake is “meaningless, my grey friend!”, and working for someone only made that someone rich – but treasure hunting was the pure and noble calling that, in essence, could be a short cut to “untold riches”. Nellac gave Subject 8 the name Grumble but never told him why [Grumble has a habit of repeating new ideas he hears in his low voice which, to Nellac at least, sounds like grumbling].

Though he (Grumble identifies as a him for no other reason than not liking being called ‘it’) has few needs that require riches, untold or otherwise, he enjoyed the company of the treasure hunters and found also that, as a group, they were treated far nicer in the taverns after a good find than when the gold was running low. The kindness or not of strangers didn’t matter but loyalty to the group is very ingrained so essentially Grumble equates money with a happy group.

Treasure hunting is a dangerous game (Nellac often told Grumble poking him with an elbow) or every bastard would do it. This proved true when Nellac’s entire band were poisoned by several venomous traps on an cave expedition ultimately leading to the deaths of all but Grumble (who is immune). This left Grumble without a group and without any real idea about how to find another one.

He leaves the cave and heads toward the last town the treasure hunters passed…


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