Genasi Wizard


A face smooth like marble, with gently glowing jagged lines that crisscross his skin. A never-ending storm playing across his body.

As the Genasi are a people known to manifest their elemental abilities based on what is most common in the regions they are brought up in, coming from the stormy and lightning filled mountains, the light flowing across his body has an electric blue quality.

Looking into his bright eyes is akin to staring at trapped ball lighting.

Fine crystal instead of hair, kept short in the Mohawk fashion, transparent and reflective- often taking on the colour of the surrounding light source or elemental power in use.

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Outsiders called the township the White Rock, high in the mountains where storms and lighting were more common than sunlight.

Only the Genasi would live in such a place. Kryral, a township dating back a hundred years, settled by a wandering tribe of Genasi high in a range of mountains in Northern Faerûn, close to Spine of the World.

The community is well known for producing Mages of significant power. Lords and royalty alike from all across the land send requests: begging, bribing and threatening, for they all want a Mage from Kryral for their court.

Prestige and position is central to Genasi culture, never have the elders of Kryral not kept to a commission.


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