Douven Stahl

Local archaeologist


A renowned archeologist from Fallcrest, Douven is a professor of Turathian archaeology who, according to his students, is “the one you hope you don’t get”. He is often heard shouting out “This is intolerable!” when frustrated. A driven man, Douven seeks out forgotten relics and texts from the past, risking his life in the pursuit of knowledge by going to strange and dangerous locations. Stahl speaks little of his family.

Douven is friends and colleagues with Valthrun.

Douven is friends with the knight, Caliban, son of the recently deceased Lord Caliban.

Douven was captured by Orcus cultists when he was investigating the recent plague of risen dead in the Winterhaven surrounds at the dragon burial site. He was rescued by a team of adventurers who slew the cultists and the undead dragon they raised in the name of Kalarel.


Douven Stahl

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